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More than 15 years traveling the world helped me create my personal and improved version of the items that you do or do want to carry in your suitcase. Functional, practical and stylish, to be used in more than one way and occasion. The first is my PIONEER swimwear collection, with which today I am launching my brand of travel items MDV by Mariel de Viaje. And many more will come soon. Whether you're already a seasoned traveler or just starting to explore a few destinations, I hope my products are as useful to you as I am and continue to inspire you to see the world out there.

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Explore some of the features that make our swimsuits unique and perfect for your lifestyle.

what do travelers think?
what do travelers think?
If you are looking for sun protection and at the same time look super cute, the long-sleeved models are what you are looking for, they also dry super fast.
— Light Elena Moguel
what do travelers think?
MDV is a brand that makes me feel comfortable and very pretty at the same time. The versatility of the styles allows me to adapt to the type of adventure I am going to experience 🤩☀️🏝
— Sharon Silesky
what do travelers think?
I was super fascinated with the quality of the fabric that was used, super comfortable, with impressive drying, the protection it gives you against the sun's rays, with an elasticity that perfectly molds to your body.
— Valeria Salas
what do travelers think?
Comfort, adaptability and quality. If I had to describe these suits with three words, they would definitely be those since it gives you a multitude of elements to have a complete adventure.
— Regina Rodriguez


A real trip with real people in real situations.

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Who is Mariel de Viaje?

Travel journalist and travel blogger. I have been traveling the world for more than 15 years and sharing my experiences in different media. My great mission is to be an intermediary between the desire that any person has to travel and the information that will lead them to make it possible.

our inspiration

My exclusive collection of PIONEER swimwear is inspired by great women in history, pioneers in their field, women who pushed their limits, who dared to take the first step breaking stereotypes and defending their passions. Each of our models is named after a pioneer.

Practical and functional

for intrepid

If you're planning your next adventure, you won't want to leave without these essentials. Ideal for surfing, kayaking, diving, trekking and high-speed activities.