Hi, I'm Mariel Galan!
Travel journalist and travel blogger. I was born in Mexico City during the World Cup in Mexico 86.
I have been traveling the world for more than 15 years and sharing my experiences in different media and social networks, and I am convinced that my great mission is to be an intermediary between the desire that any person has to travel and the information that will lead them to Do the possible.
Today I know that in addition to inspiring and transmitting emotions I have a deep desire to guide them. That is why I greatly enjoy writing on my blog, Mariel de Viaje, a space dedicated to a word that we all love to hear: TRAVEL; Because travel allows us to get to know the world, test our abilities, break down borders, face fears, get closer to others, meet, feel and live intensely HERE and NOW.
If I could describe myself in five words, I could say that I am: traveler, swallower, chambeadora, sociable, joker and according to my friends "very funny", although to tell the truth, I'm not sure if this last characteristic is not exactly a compliment ;P.
If you want to know more about me or take a look at my content, I invite you to visit my blog and follow me on all my social networks, but above all I invite you to discover with me the world that is out there.