I have packed hundreds of times wanting to carry everything and, at the same time, the minimum necessary; because you always want to travel light but also have everything you need close at hand.
I am a travel journalist and on my social networks I share content with the hope of inspiring people to travel the world.
By my 100th trip I already had a pretty good idea of what the things I wanted to pack in my suitcase should look like. I wanted items that were practical and functional but also tasteful and could be used in more than one way and occasion. I remembered that time when I felt absolutely uncomfortable and poorly dressed in a restaurant because it was obvious that my clothes were more like a bathing suit and that it had not dried yet, but, being honest, who thinks about go to the room to change while starving after two hours of surfing? On the other hand, going on tour carrying a huge bag with a complete change of dry clothes, towel, sunscreen, bag, camera and hat is not exactly practical.
I wanted a swimsuit that would be comfortable to do my adventure activities, that would dry super fast, protect me from the sun and look like a cute top just by combining it with a short skirt. After many experiences like this one, I wanted to create my own brand of functional articles for travelers, with the same fear as rappelling down the Via Ferrata but thinking 'if it scares you, do it with fear'. And that is how MDV by Mariel de Viaje was born.
If I achieve my goal, you will find here items that you will always want to carry in your suitcase because they simply make your life easier. Whether you're already a seasoned traveler or just starting to explore a few destinations, I hope you find these articles as helpful as I did and continue to inspire you to explore the world out there.